About Us

The story of Land of Tomorrow is more the story of the land rather than the people, although our family has called this beautiful piece of land home for over 100 years.  Susie Harris is the current custodian of the land, working to craft wines of this place.  This current, fourth generation are carrying on the native revegetation work that was started by the third generation in the 1970s. 
We consider our site to be made up of distinct ecozones - vineland, woodland, wetland and grassland - that we manage holistically to build up ecosystem services.  As vegetation complexity is being reinstated at Land of Tomorrow, macro and micro habitat diversity is increasing resulting in increased biodiversity across the three systems – plant, soil and fauna. We not only build resilience to help us cope with climate change, but also facilitate healthy and reliable vines and in the process create a significant area of dedicated habitat. 

In our spirit and vision, we acknowledge our responsibility as custodians, as stewards, of our special piece of country.  We are committed to enduring stewardship of our country which we are managing on behalf of others – generations past and future. A Land of Tomorrow.


Our wines from our vineyard are made with pristine parcels of hand picked fruit.
Land of Tomorrow Chardonnay is gently whole bunch pressed and fermented with wild yeast, a portion matured in French oak barrels.  Complex, delicate, delicious!
The Land of Tomorrow red varieties are handpicked, wild fermented with a portion of whole bunches, basket pressed and aged in old oak puncheons to give minimal oak influence.  Bright, complex and delicious!
Amphora wines are on the way!
amphora wine


For Susie Harris it’s an absolute joy and a privilege to take a turn at caring for the land and vines and to see that translated into beautiful wine.  Sharing this with customers is so special.


Susie Harris