About Us

Land of Tomorrow has joined forces with Winegrapes Australia to form a new partnership based on a shared commitment to Australian wine, its future and the land from which it comes.

Winegrapes Australia is a collective of generational growers who came together in 1992 to market their fruit collaboratively. Today it represents over 108 vignerons who offer premium quality grapes from South Australia’s leading wine regions to over 150 Australian wineries.

Land of Tomorrow is a generational farm in South Australia’s Limestone Coast made up of an award- winning sustainable vineyard, woodlands, grasslands, a small wetland and a boutique wine brand.

This unique partnership emerged from a shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by today’s market and a shared vision for the future of sustainably grown Australian wine. Led by Paula Edwards of Winegrapes Australia and Susie Harris of Land of Tomorrow, the new range of Land of Tomorrow wines will be made from sustainably grown fruit sourced from the Winegrapes grower base which spans nine South Australian regions.

Susie Harris says ‘over generations we have taken a regenerative approach to our farm and vineyard management which has allowed us to develop better ecosystems, healthier soils and use lower inputs. Like the Indigenous word ‘Kanawinka’ which translates as ‘Land of Tomorrow’, sustainable land management reflects our deep connection with the land and the belief we can make more authentic wines when we farm this way’.

Paula Edwards adds, ‘Our network of multi-generational growers has shown a long-standing commitment to sustainable land management. Over 80% of Winegrape’s growers are either ‘Sustainable Wine Australia’ (SWA) certified or awaiting certification and another 12% are certified organic or biodynamic, making it one of the largest resources of premium SWA certified fruit in Australia’.

Edwards concludes, ‘Our values are closely aligned with the values of Land of Tomorrow and together we are committed telling the story of sustainable grape growing in Australia to consumers around the world’.

The new range of Land of Tomorrow wines utilising fruit from the Winegrape member vineyards will be available from early 2024.

Check back soon for more information.